Le Sphinx

Directed by Louis Saia

Hosted by Director Louis Saia, Actor Marc Messier AND Actress Céline Bonnier



Louis Saia


Marc Messier, Louis Saia


Marc Messier, Céline Bonnier, Sylvie Drapeau, Éric Hoziel, Vittorio Rossi, Serge Thériault


Claudio Luca



Canada 1995 109 mins OV French Subtitles : English

Réal Prescott, a versatile history teacher, leads a routine suburban life. At a party “for the boys” at Solid Gold, Réal falls in love with the enigmatic Angie Madore, one of the singer-dancers in an erotic revue. She quickly becomes his mistress and he soon leaves his wife and children for her. One well-lubricated evening, Réal rather by chance becomes a comedian-MC at Solid Gold. Assuming the satge name Ray Chivas stage, Réal abandons the teaching profession in order to devote himself to his new life alongside Angie. But trouble follows in her wake. Pat Carbone, the psychopathic local mafia boss and Angie's former lover, fixes his sights on Réal and strives to harass, humiliate and terrorize him. Events soon spiral down from bad to worse.

Louis Saia is a man of many talents and a jack-of-all-trades. His vast and impressive resume includes some of the greatest successes in the history of Quebec television, film and theatre. He is an author, scriptwriter, and director of several popular movies, plays and television series, and contributes in particular to the writing and the stage production of comedian and scriptwriter Claude Meunier. Saia has also staged and designed shows for Rock and Belles Oreilles and comedians JiCi Lauzon, Pierre Verville and Claudine Mercier. On TV, he took part in the series RADIO ENFER and HISTORIES OF GIRLS. In cinema, he is best known for the first three parts of the LES BOYS franchise. His first feature, LE SPHINX, is a black comedy co-scripted and performed by Marc Messier, then at the height of his glory thanks to his character Réjean in LA PETITE VIE. Céline Bonnier and Serge Thériault offer unforgettable performances. Fantasia is very proud to partner with Éléphant, mémoire du cinéma québécoisfor the presentation of this new restored version. – Marc Lamothe